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Access to Work Funding

Did you know 'Access to Work' government funding is available for Executive Function/ ADHD coaching?

What is the funding?

The government's Access to Work scheme can provide support and funding to help you manage your ADHD challenges at work.

Living with ADHD brings a unique set of challenges, especially in the workplace where demands for focus, organisation, and time management can be particularly taxing.
The good news is that the UK Government's Access to Work scheme provides valuable support of up to £66,000, including the potential to fund ADHD coaching. The Access to Work funding for individuals with ADHD is crucial and investing in ADHD coaching can make a profound difference in personal and professional development.

At Work
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The Access to Work Scheme: A Supportive Solution

The Access to Work scheme is a government initiative designed to break down barriers for individuals with disabilities or health conditions in the workplace. For those with ADHD, this scheme offers financial support to cover the costs of adjustments and aids necessary to facilitate a more inclusive work environment.

How to access ADHD Coaching through Access to Work

If you or someone you know is eligible for Access to Work funding, securing support for ADHD coaching is a straightforward process. The funding can cover the costs of coaching sessions, allowing individuals to access the guidance and strategies needed to thrive in the workplace.

Check out the Government website for more information about Access to Work.

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